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sukanto Kuri
Jul 06, 2022
In Fashion Forum
Excellent graphic design needs to achieve an ideal balance between the two. With the development of society, graphic design is getting closer and closer to an art. Graphic design is the translation of English Graphicdesign, which refers to design activities in a flat space, with "logo vision" as a way of communication and performance, including logos, publications, print advertisements, website graphic elements and product packaging, etc., all of which The core of the content is to convey information, guidance, persuasion, etc., and its expression is usually achieved by modern printing technology. Because the scope of graphic design is very wide, its discussion and definition cannot be summarized in a few words, especially in the modern society where art is developing so rapidly. Excellent artistic design should have a unique aspect in Photo Manipulation Services form as well as excellent content. However, with the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, graphic design is faced with the dilemma of a single graphic expression language, which requires graphic design to constantly update its own formal language. The formal language of graphic design is not self-contained and isolated. It is connected with many art categories. The formal language of painting has the most direct relationship with graphic design in the art category and has the greatest influence. The relationship between painting and graphic design Both painting and graphic design belong to the field of graphic plastic arts, and they also create forms with aesthetic value from artistic languages ​​such as points, lines, surfaces, and colors. From the perspective of the development of painting art and graphic design, with the continuous progress of society, the two have gradually separated, forming an independent system with its own characteristics, but they always affect each other and have an inseparable connection. From the origin of art, the history of graphic design development starts from primitive activities, including sacrifice, recording and religious activities. In these activities, in order to transmit and exchange information, people create symbolic images, and arrange, deform, and transform these symbols. These practical art forms (which people at the time may not have thought of as an art form) for the purpose of information transmission and recording were gradually transformed into the art of painting.

sukanto Kuri

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